At LCHS, we micro-chip all of our dogs and cats before they leave the facility. Why do we do this? Pets occasionally get separated from their owners. Sometimes their identification tags can get lost during this separation time. Since our pets cannot tell us their names and addresses, the DATAMARS microchip does it for them!

This simple procedure insures that you will be reunited with your beloved family member as soon as possible. Lost dogs taken to Livingston County Animal Control are routinely scanned upon arrival. Any dog that is taken to the Livingston County Humane Society or other local veterinary clinic is scanned immediately and owners are notified that their dog is safe and at the shelter or vet clinic ready to be reunited with its family.

Dogs and cats adopted through LCHS are automatically registered with our shelter. LCHS encourages all adoptive families to have the registration transferred to their names. Petlink charges a fee of $10.00 to have this transfer made.

To find out more about this identification system, please visit the Petlink website: http://www.petlink.net.