Beth Peabody, Shelter Director

I found my passion in 2006 working with homeless animals in Wisconsin. I was the Director of Animal Care for the same shelter for 13 years (studying under the Koret Shelter Medicine Program) until I moved into the Executive Director role. I suddenly moved to Illinois for family. Thinking that I would never be able to fill the hole when I left my passion, I was honored to be able to join the LCHS family and continue my life’s work with homeless animals.

Kenzie Hutton, Lead Kennel Technician

I started at LCHS in 2021 and have not looked back. My connection with animals is something that my DIrector calls “a gift”. With that, I have been able to develop a bond with the scared and confused animals that walk through our door. The enrichment we give to the animals is just as important as the medical care and daily care that we provide. I make sure that every animal is provided with healthy brain activity to enrich their stay with us.

Ali Richmond-Kennel Technician

My adventure started at LCHS in 2021 and it has taken me through the ICE program where I found my carrer path to becoming a Veterinarian Technicican. While in school, I still find time to come and work with my amazing shelter animals that I love so much. I get to use my knowledge to help the animals with what I have learned and help make their stay with us happy and healthy.

Addison Bennett-Kennel Technician

I started at LCHS through the Livingston County Co-op. I found my passion was so deep for animals that I became a veterinarian assistant at a local vet clinic and still work part time at the shelter My ability to see what each animal needs to be comfortable while they stay with us, helps me feel good about their well-being. Knowing they get adopted into good homes makes it all worth it.

Meagan Nabors-Kennel Technician

I joined LCHS in 2023 and since I joined I have grown a connection with so many animals. It is so rewarding to be able to give the dogs the best care while they wait to go to their forever home. There is no better feeling than when a saved dog comes in and you gain their trust..

Maddie Bossert-Kennel Technician

I started working working at LCHS in 2023 after first coming as a volunteer. My love for animals started when I was a child, I grew up in the country and stray cats would always find their way to my house. The rewarding part of my job is seeing animals find their forever home and being able to make a positive impact in their time here.

Adriann Sutton-Kennel Technician

Joining the LCHS family in Aug 2023 has been the best I’ve done all year! Not only do I get to hang out with friends, but this job also gives me the opportunity to love and take of homeless animals every day! I love growing connections with the animals, training the animals, and most importantly, watching animals find a home.

Skylar Dohman, Kennel Supervisor

I started working at LCHS in 2019 through the ICE program. I fell in love with animals and helped find them their fur-ever homes. I found myself understanding the needs of the animals and wanting to give them the best possible environment they can have while in our care. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Shelter animals that need care and a loving hand is my passion.

Kaitlyn Hendershott-Enrichment Coordinator

Started my journey at LCHS in 2018. I have seen so many amazing animals come into the shelter, cared for them, and given them all my attention. I’m very into the snuggles and kisses from all the animals I care for. The best part is seeing all the happy wiggles when I walk into the shelter each morning. I know their smiles are going to brighten my day and I am going to brighten theirs.

Tiffany Oestmann-Cat Kennel Technician

My passion for cats brought me to LCHS in 2022. I love each cat as if they where my own. I get to know their personalities and the little quirks that each one has. Coming in each day, seeing the cats excited to see me and running around puts a smile on my face. My ability to help the shy cats come out of their shell and thrive is my favorite part

Reagan Pfeifer-Kennel Technician

My crazy life carried me to LCHS in 2023. I find peace knowing that these animals get the best of me when I’m here and I can care for them. I get to give them my unconditional love, support and guidence for the short time I have with them. My favorite part is seeing pictures of our adopted animals that I have taken care of with their new families happy and healthy and to know that I had a part in their journey there.

Kasi Hughes-Kennel Technician

I Started working at LCHS in 2023. What brought me here is my avid love for animals. I work and train horses at home so I love being able to connect with the dogs in a similar way. My favorite part about my job is seing dogs come out of their shell and go to their loving homes withour fear.

Keara Smith-Kennel Technician

I started working at the LCHS through my school co-op program. I fell in love with the people, the environment and most importantly the animals. Like everyone here, I’ve always loved animals and grew up with them, my mom’s biggest concern when I was younger was bringing home random stray animals. I’m so happy to get to work at a place where I can show hopeless, lost animals love until they find their forever homes.

Aphrodite-Night Security

I have been hanging around LCHS for some time. I was part of the communal cats that hanged out outside but became friends with the staff. They decided to let me in during the day and sleep inside the building and give me treats. Once I heard they were looking for a Night Security Cat, I jumped to the chance. I turned in my resume with 12 other applicants and went through all the interviews (boy they were hard). I finally got the job after negotiating from 1 to 2 cans of tuna a week. I love it here! The coons and I have become friends but don’t tell my boss.