Thanks You, Friends

Your generosity is creating a better life for animals in our care-one that values and protects with every dollar and donation that is given. Since animals need food, water, shelter and medical care to survive, you’re also helping to create a healthier, happier community for these animals to be adopted in.

Once again, THANK YOU for your support


2023 Memorials

In memory of Joe A Francis

Norita Jacobs

In Memory of Jimmy C. Holm

Joe and Barbara Bexson

In Memory of Imogene “Gene” Herrin Leffingwell

David Michou

Elaine and Stephen Mueller

Ellen Magee

Norman and Karen Harms

Phyllis Nussbaum

Jeanette Franklin

Her Precious Friends

In Memory of Linda Grandon

Marilyn Heck

In Memory of Jessica Cohen

Central School Staff

In Memory of Russell Fearman

Karen Fischer

Bank of Pontiac

Richard Dievendorf

Larry and Faye Exton

Marcia Hicks

Loving Friends

In Memory of Robert Young & Barney

Mike and Kathy Telford