2023 Memorials

In memory of Joe A Francis

Norita Jacobs

In Memory of Jimmy C. Holm

Joe and Barbara Bexson

In Memory of Imogene “Gene” Herrin Leffingwell

David Michou

Elaine and Stephen Mueller

Ellen Magee

Norman and Karen Harms

Phyllis Nussbaum

Jeanette Franklin

Her Precious Friends

In Memory of Linda Grandon

Marilyn Heck

In Memory of Jessica Cohen

Central School Staff

In Memory of Russell Fearman

Karen Fischer

Bank of Pontiac

Richard Dievendorf

Larry and Faye Exton

Marcia Hicks

Loving Friends

In Memory of Robert Young & Barney

Mike and Kathy Telford

In Memory of Max the dog

Joanne Coriell

In Memory of Judith Lavicka

Roberta Neumann

Linda Bumgardner

Susan Graff

Harold & Elena Hibler

Paul & Barbara Vershay

Joan Senko

In Memory of Sophia Fecht

Drea Fecht

Gregory and Jame Randall

Dean and Delphine Engelbrecht

Barry and Gail Songdahl

James and Jeanne Kramer

Philip and Linda Corban

Gerald and Diana Shubert

Donna and Lisa King

Juli Fraher

Candy Copeland

Brad and Brenda McKee

Robin and Gary Lopeman

Loving Friends and Family

Nancy Maestas

Roland Roarty

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Lloyd

James Roarty

Rick and Sue Hiatt

Gregory Johnson

William and Karen Gregory

Cherie Sweeney

Norberta Lavicka

In Memory of Frank Herrin

Steve and Val Curl

Barb Rathburn

Jan Stauffer

Larry and Linda Michou

In Memory of William “Skinner” DeMarse

Margie DeMarse

Bank of Pontiac

Jerry and Carolyn Curtis

Karl and Pamela Kohrt

In Memory of Sydney

Karen Donovan

Donita Duffee

In Memory of Mildred “Millie” Wright

Dee McCarty

In Memory of Carl Snyder

Donald Klehm

In Memory of Nathan Colvis

Anthony and Angela Padula

S. Hunter

M. Brown

M. Pierce


In Memory of Bill Henderson

Judy Henderson

Mary Pfister

In Memory of Linda Jennings

Barbara Jennings

Lois Senter

In Memory of Mark Wayman

Joyce Baxter

Judy Baxter

Jane and Irma Barton

Margaret Elsey

Mary Gamblin

Sherry Goggin

Dale and Mary Jo Simpson

Larry Gamblin

Mr and Mrs James Tronc

In Memory of Darin Brantley

Polly Freese

Ariel Brantley

Joshua Brantley

Brittany Franklin

Jeff and Patti Rients

Donath and Debra English

Kevin and Susan Flessner

In Memory of Poppy Hanslow

Krista Szubert

In Memory of Stanley Lorrance Jr

William and Diana Alvey

Steve and Wendy Garrels

Kenneth and Julie Sinnett

Marilyn Headley

Kris Walker

Rose Hurt

Gary and Lisa Brill

Loving monetary donors

In memory of Linnea Kuta

Eric and Joan Johnson

In Memory of Kerry Lundberg

Lisa Lambert

Shanon Doyle

In Memory of Dan Kolodziej

The Dan Kolodziej Family

In Memory of Alexander Champ Hall

Robert and Polly Freese

In Memory of Drew Fehr and Dylan Bazzell

Joanne Mccoin

In Memory of Norm Walsberg

Jan and Jeffrey Gray

Marsha and Mark Stoltz

Jackie and Mark Kraft

Russell and Sandra Fearman

Ronald and Jean Minnaert

Evan and Carolyn Hish

Amy and Matthew Kinsella

Faye Exton

Evelyn Vietti

Cheryl Spires

Joel and Dawn Eckhoff

Robert and Bernadette Meiner

In Memory of Drew Fehr In honor of his 18th Birthday

Meghan Briscoe

Angela DeFries

Kristen Gibson

Joellen Short

Shelly Lindstorm

Abby Eisenmann

Dan Fehr

Megan Donovan

Baraba Cook

Myah Baker

Jennifer Stuckey

Randy’s Paint & Body

Brooke Wallace

Susan Werner

Ruth Getchius

Agnete Defenbaugh

Shelley Patemoster

Lori Gauger

Lydia Jeffries

Donna Maurer

Debbie Oelschlager

Amy Haberkorn

Becker Webster

Krystal McCulloh

Backroads Mama

Julie Sinnett

Jenna Brucker

Justin Ricketts

Jeanette Diller

Kimberly Peterson

Annette Hale

Michael Blackwell

Caren Appel

Rebekah Zehr

Molly Cagley

Leah Zorn

Vickie Bittner

Judy Somers

Lorraine Palen

Rachel Shevokas

Anonymous Donor

Anonymous Donor

In Memory of Jessica Turner-Casey

Heiss Welding

Carolyn Curtis

Phillip and Stacey Klein

In Memory of James Mixon “Papa”

Mike and Karen Cochran

Kim Jones and Family

Kathy Slowinski

In Memory of Tracy Boles

Anthony and Angela Padula

In Memory of Shirley Raymer

Donna Stehle

In Memory of Emma Lorrainne Kammerman

Sandra Fearman

In Memory of William “Bill” Richison

Bank of Pontiac

Joan Bullard Realty, Inc

James and Diana Woodburn

Mark and Penny Eppel

Mary and Alvin Austin

Gerald and Myrtle Bressner

Ralph and Ruth Sancken

Shirley Wiegers

Lee Johnson

Sandra Lindstrom

Barbara Drummet

Martin and Anne Bourgeois

Linda Hart

Frederick and Patricia Shirley

Nancy Waschle

Linda Levin

Larry and Faye Exton

Jack and Marilyn Groves

Dale and Mary Jo Simpson

Kevin and Susan Flessner

In Memory of Dorothy L. “Tootie” Watters

Kayla Smith

Evergreen FS, Inc.

Watter Family Farm

In Memory of Bobby Edinger

James and Janet Edinger