Light A Bulb

Each year, Livingston County Humane Society helps hundreds of animals find a home. And, this year the need for our services continues to grow ? this would not be possible without your donation.?

Thank you for helping light our trees and your donations!
We hope to see your support next year –
November 1 – December 31, 2022.

last updated 12/31/2021

Thank you to our wonderful 2021 donors:

Ashley Cook – In honor of LCHS Alum Duchess and Kobe
Juanita James
Sally Martin
Allison Hefler
Aaron and Kristy Albertson – In memory of Jax and Chomper
Jennifer Dillon – In memory of Bane; In honor of Hera, Peanut, April and Lady
Kim Scott – In memory of Samme Sue and Kitty Boy
Inge and James Telford – In memory of Sqeeker
Julie Marx – In honor of Staff & Volunteers
Chris Metz – In memory of Tonto
Joseph Lakner – In honor of Biscuit, Scout and Fluffy
Barbara Jennings – In memory of Torrie; In honor of Gracie
 James Berry
Andrew Smith
Bruce Johnson
Linda Haberkorn
Karl and Pamela Kohrt – In memory of Sam, Punkin, Palma, Winston; In honor of Molly
Ron and Karen Maubech – In memory of Alvin; In honor of Benny
 Audrey Wahl – In honor of Jason (J.J.)
Janice Landers – In honor of Abbi
William Miller – In memory of Jersey; In honor of Dory
Pam Fox – In honor of Flash
Janne McCoin – In memory of Styx, Jordi, Jazzi Blazer, Sammie, Calli and Cottie
Paula Fulkerson
Julia Meredith – In memory of Honey Girl and Cheyenne
 Kasey Strachan – In memory of Yoshi; In honor of Jethro
Joanne Gill – In honor of Mercury
Debra Grob – In memory of Gabe and Pepper
Tod and Donna Gabehart – In memory of Cash and Hershy
Earl and Gail McCoy – In memory of Faygo (Buddy)
Barbara and Parl Wiora – In honor of Snicker (Chewy)
Del Schlader’s grandchildren – In his memory
Martin and Janet Beck – In honor of Tinkerbell
Amber Schulz
Jerry Smetanko
 Timothy Pickett – In memory of Chula; In honor of Sissy
Jerry and Mae Meyer – In memory of Lucky
Robert Wharton – In memory of Princess
Linda and Ryan Zavada
Robert and Kathleen VanLanen – In honor of Moe and Frank
Marie Stahl – In memory of Giget
Margaret Hogan – In honor of Mary (now Bella)
Patricia and Clyde Gaffney – In honor of Peaches
David Estes
Dorothy and John Schrum
William and Karen Gregory – In honor of Cocoa and Maddie
Pamela Snyder – In memory of Bootsie
Tom and Jan List – In memory of Linus (AKA Blaze); In honor of Lucy (AKA Misti)
Linda Kincaid – In memory of Chance

Christine Hedger
Irma Bates
Backroads Mama
Robert and Ann Travers – In honor of Jesse, Gus and Max
Ben Travers and Jenna Marotta – In honor of Marie and Harge
Linda Mayback – In memory of Judy Blair
Linda Grandon – In memory of Beau, Tigger, Kitkat, Miss Kitty, Pepper, Tinker and Koko; In honor of Simba, Tarbaby, Boo, Mama Kitty, Sheba and Cricket
Dr. Haag – In memory of Sammy
Diane Schwahn – In memory of Silly Magoo Schwahn and all those he welcomed into our home
Gail Hinshaw
 Melissa Villagomez
Breanna Tavidian
Mary Jane Selotti – In memory of Gracie and Torrie
Livin’ In Color – In memory of Precious Bella and Fred
Sharon Dial
Elizabeth Metrick – In memory of Trixie and Callie; In honor of Turbo, Charger and Houdini
Marjorie Roach
Pamela Mortland
Clinton Conway – In memory of Sparky and Bandit; In honor of Marilyn Headly
Kathy Haab – In memory of Bobo
 Tom and Pam Schahrer – In memory of Bailey; In honor of Lilly
 Don Wills – In memory of Taffy, Amos, Buddy, Peppy, Presley and Magic; In honor of Whisskey and Lucy
Mark Beal – In memory of Andy; In honor of Rusty
Judy Hobert – In memory of Mitsu
William and Kathleen Endres – In memory of Hillary, Fidget and Nicki
Julie Saunders – In honor of Baby (Wesson)
George Buric – In honor of Stop Abandonments
Sandra Tadey
Suja Sibi
Alan and Peggy Defries
Selena Zieske – In honor of Zeus
Brandon Walker
Delaney Spradling
Dave Knight – In memory of Tardy
Kevin Cwirla
Philip Tetley – In memory of Happy and Penny
Linda Haberkorn
James Eskins – In memory of Jackie Eskins
Cheryl Berta – In memory of Foxie, tinker, Jocko, Laddie, Maddie, Kelly and Tammer; In honor of Maggie
Gina Sanchez – In memory of Mufaja AKA Milo; In honor of Milo and Rocco
James and Dixie Vogel – In memory of Duke; In honor of Roudy
Steven Marzorati
Michelle Brown
Kathleen Trachsel – In honor of Bill and Karen Gregory
Lawrence Hart – In memory of Maxx