Light A Bulb

Light A Bulb this year was amazing and we THANK YOU for sending in your donation in honor and in memory of those loved ones. With your donation, you have helped light the way for homeless animals.

Thank you for lighting our trees in 2022!

last updated 01/12/22/22

Thank you to all the wonderful donors:

Mike & Beth Peabody – In Memory of Tank and Huck

Skylar Dohman – In Honor of Magnum and Payson

Karen Donovan & Donita Duffee-In Memory of Lady and Lucy & In Honor of Sydney

Susan Butske-In Memory of Renter and Audrey

Don Schmid

Tess Popejoy – In Honor of Midge

Darren & Sasha Radford – In Memory of Remington, Biscuit, Pippin & Pickles

Chui and Selena Muro – In Memory of Zeus

Barbara Jennings – In Memory of Gracie and Torrie

Mary Selotti – In Memory of Gracie and Torrie

Jenny and Ron Aldred – In Memory of Buddy, Tippy, Shelly, and Faith

Todd and Judy Johnson – In Memory of Snickers – In Honor of Slick

Mike and Diane Pawlowski – In Memory of Kissa

Alan and Karen Applegate – In Memory of Boyd, Taffy, and Schultz – In Honor of Dodger

Alice McWilliams – In Memory of Lisa McWilliams – In Honor of All Veterans

Laura Jean Miller – In Memory of Sally

Betty and Allen Gantzert – In Memory of Pepper, Tomba, Picabo, and Layla – In Honor of Mr. Lolly, and Marlo

Jim and Janet Edinger – In Memory of Mikey Hoffman

Clinton Conway – In Honor Marilyn Hedley

Kathy Haab – In Memory of Titan Jr. – In Honor of Isis Ann

Shirley Meenen – In Memory of Dixie – In Honor of Stripes

Tom and Pam Schahrer – In Memory of Bailey

Thomas and Joyce Armour – In Memory of Joe Cocker, Emma, and Lady Bug – In Honor of Mya

Julie Marx – In Honor of LCHS Staff

Duane Frobish

Kerry and Cheryl Pattison – In Memory of Peewee, Cocoa, Patches, Top[anga, Foxy, and Molly – In Honor of Cali

David and Cheryl Kinny – In Honor Cooper

Michael Vansickle – In Honor of Benji

Kathryn Cole – In Memory of Sooty

Harold Frobish – In Honor of Dan Frobish and Milly

Lavonne Ping – In Honor of LuLu

Dick Dievendorf – In Memory of Sandy

Carolyn Satterfield – In Memory of Minnie – In Honor of Bo

Sherry Brendalen – In Honor of Gambit and Willow

Nicki and Bob Rosenbaum – In Memory of CC – In Honor of Cricket

Peter Benning – In Memory of Izzy – In Honor of Kitty

Tim Pickett – In Memory of Chula – In Honor of Sissy

Sherri Hatzer – In Memory of James Berta

Don Schmid – Dog

David and Marilou Hamilton – In Memory of Wheaton and Finley

Carol Loughran – In Memory of all the pets I’ve loved before

Clif Johnson – In Memory of Mosses – In Honor of Smooch and Capone – Cody dog

Carol Cantrall – In Memory of Harry Cantrall

Mark Beal – In Memory of Andy – In Honor of Rust and Winston

Don Klehm – In Memory of Reggie and Freida – In Honor of Aura and Fancy

Tom and Karen Clark – In Memory of David – In Honor of Casey

Melissa Barnhart – In Memory of Adam Estes

Gail Janssen – In Memory of Bo, Mo, and Jo

Adam Cooper – In Honor of Walter

Linda Kincaid – In Memory of Chance

Paul and Barbara Wiora – In Honor of Snickers AKA Chewy

Russ Mathison – In Memory of Mathison cats and Mathison dogs

Barry and Gail Songdahl – In Memory of Bon Bon

Charles Rinn – In Honor of Kenneth Dawson

Pub 13 – In Memory of Wrigley – In Honor of Junior

Kasey Strachan – In Memory of Yoshi – In Honor of Jethro and Waffle

Robert Wharton – In Memory of Princess

Amy Young – In Honor of Elaine Young

Lee and Judy Weber – In Honor of Georgie

Katrina Knafl – In Memory of Charlie, Patches, Trixie, Charlie Bear, and Austin

Doug and Sue Donnelly – In Memory of WeeWee and Lexi

Monique and Ed Speer – In Memory of Coquette, Bijoue, Daisy, Bridgett and Shaggy

Janet Hogan – In Memory of Hank Hogan

Mary Arbuckle – In Memory of Lucky

Paul and Sue Schruder – In Memory of Suna, Opus, and Indri – In Honor of Eli

Audrey Wahl – In Honor of JJ (Jason)

Lawrence Hart – In Memory of Maxx

David and Susan Schmitt – In Memory of Gracie – In Honor of Bear

Kathleen Telford – In Memory of Twinkle, Shorty, Misty, Maggie, and Tisha

Linda Wilson – In Honor of Louie aka Scruffy

Kay Larson – In Memory of Peanut

Michelle Smith – In Memory of all my past fur kids – In Honor of Remi, Emma, and Oreo

Gina Sanchez – In Memory of Rocco – In Honor Milo formerly Mufasa

Mrs. Roy Carey – In Memory of Wolfie and Taffy

Ellen Quain – In Honor of Ruby (we are so happy she found a home)

Laurette and Michael – In Honor of the Amazing Maisy (alive and well) aka Grace

Mansfield Family – In Memory of all our rescue pets – In Honor of present pets Scruffy and Kiki

Joanne Gill – In Honor of Mercury (Mercy)

Pat Gaffney – In Honor of Peaches

Pam Silvey – In Memory of Joe Silvey – In Honor of Rocky

Barbara Byrne – In Memory of Riley Ray Byrne and Little Lady Byrne

Boden Family – In Honor of Cheeto and Jasey

Bruce and Robin Oldfather – In Memory of Sebastian and Bucky – In Honor of Kassidy, Yogi, and Sully

Tom and Mayte – In Honor of Sonny

Donna and Tod Gabehart – In Memory of Cash and Hershey

Jon and Sonja Haar – In Memory of Buck – In Honor of Harold

Karen Fraher – In Memory of Gina and Vinny

Bill Vietti – In Memory of Buster and Dobie

Susan Slown – In Memory of Hounce Slown

Wanda Slown – In Memory of Lucky Slown

Angie Eggenberger – In Memory of Sammy

Caroline and Nick Sartoris – In Honor of Cali Mae

Matthew Toohill – In Memory of Tippy and Paisley

Pam Snyder – In Memory of Bootsie

Diane Shouse – In Memory of Dorothy, Irene, and Bunny

Cheryl Berta – In Memory of Foxie – In Honor of Maggie

James Cook – In Memory of McKenzie – In Honor of Jess

Carol Narvick – In Memory of Buddy

Elaine Strock – In Memory of Big Kitty, Little Kitty, Friskie, Spot, and Frieda

Marianne Schwahn – In Memory of Jake

Hank Holub – In Memory of Trixie

Louella Merideth – In Memory of Harley – In Honor of Corky

Frank and Joyce Nestor – In Honor of Max, Cesaer, Bella, Gatsby, Chai, Oakley, and Sadie

Jan Keach – In Memory of the dogs I’ve loved – In Honor of Tizzie (was Peggy)

Paula Fulkerson

Angie and Geoff Koca – In Memory of Chief and Duncan

Kristie and Jared Anderson and Family – In Memory of our Spanky

Brad and Diane Schwahn – In Memory of Silly Magoo Schwahn, you will always be our baby cat

Scott & Darcy Woodlawn Woodlawn Rentals – In Memory of Creighton, Roman, Grace, Danielle, Britney, Meatball, Cupcake, Boomer, Bear, Archie, Cracker, Ginger, Gus, and Sidney

Sherri Snyder – In Memory of Brooke and Siissy LCHS alumni

Steve and Carole Shields – In Memory of Lissa, Karli, Abby, and Bella – In Honor of Daisy, Dixie, and Walter

William Miller – In Memory of Jersey – In Honor of Dori

Dave Knight – In Honor of Lilibet Spizsmo

Janice Landers – In Honor of Abbie

Sharon Loudon – In Memory of Bailey and Abby

Sharon Myers – In Memory of Glory and Sylvester – In Honor of Sonny

Kimberly Peterson – In Memory of Molly – In Honor of Mia and Andy

Leslie Fahnder – In Honor of Toby

John M. Martin Sr – In Memory of Dorothy and John E Martin

William Rich – In Memory of Smookie

Kim Leach – In Memory of Angel

Joan and Eric Johnson – In Memory of C-dog

Karen Gregory – In Memory of Snickers, Maddie, Hemie, and Cocoa

Lois Senter – In Memory of Tigger, Sammy, and Misty

Bob and Nancy Fox – In Honor of Buddy Fox, Wookie Fox, and Nacho Fox

John Crist – In Honor of Shorty

Tony Mautino – In Memory of Gidget

Joanne McCoin – In Memory of Samantha, Styx, Calli, Jordi, Jazzie, Scottie, Rambo, Rocky, Maggie, and Blazer

Rosa Wing – In Memory of Joe Black – In Honor of Taffy Wing

Robert Wing – In Memory of Jessie Wing and Mikus – In Honor of Lady Wing

John Trewartha – In Honor of Lilli

Ozzy Beam – In Honor of Beth the DIrector

Muffin and Oreo Beam – In Honor of Nicci and Lizzy

Scott and Sharon Arnold – In Memory of Savannah

Curtis and Debra Boyd – In Memory of Scott Boyd – In Honor of Dixie and Homey

Jim Claggett – In Memory of Floyd, Beulah, and Roxy

Mark and Lori Schahrer & Family – In Memory of CoCo and Bubba – In Honor of Lucy and Murphy

Matt and Amber Schulz – In Memory of Santo and Harper – In Honor of Bear

Marcia Hickes – In Honor of Butters

Gerry and Karen Miller – In Memory of Jackie

Ruth Abbott – In Memory of Willow

Lee Whiteside – In Memory of Fiona

Betty Petropoul – In Memory of Ernest McCabe and Peter Petropoul

Rick and Cindy Killian – In Memory of Ryder & Lola

Nancy Dickerson – In Memory of Snoopy Dickerson – In Honor of Molly Dickerson

Yvonne Hallock – In Memory of Winchester

Keith Swartz – In Memory of Holley Marie Swartz

Jerry and Mae Meyer – In Memory of Lucky 1 – In Honor of Lucky 2

Rick and Linda Collins –

Diana Lowe – In Memory of KiKi Lowe – In Honor of Juke Lowe (Dorito)

James Righter – In Honor of Lydia

Debra Grob – In Memory of Gabe – In Honor of Pepper

Norma Studebaker – In Memory of Tobey and Dusty

Duane and Cindy Rientz – In Honor of Honey and Red

Aaron and Kristy Albertson – In Memory of Jax and Chomper

Roberta Shay – In Memory of Oliver

Linda Patarozzi – In Honor of Champ, Milo, and Scooter

Donald and Lind Matzen – In Memory of Angel, Princess, and Queenie

Florence Klingler – In Memory of Fred

Kevin Taylor – In Memory of Calvin Taylor – In Honor of Sox

Diane Taylor – In Memory of D. Humbert

Ann and Mick Travers – In Memory of Banshee, Colleen, and Collin – In Honor of Streak, Griffin, and Bowie

Lori Limberg – In Memory of Merry

Dorothy and John Schrum – In Honor of Kiki and Koko

Paul Cleary – In Memory of Max Myers – In Honor of Blackie

Brian and Niesha Payne – In Honor of Penny

Deana Picchi – In Memory of Mazie and Copper

Gary and Connie McDugle – In Honor of Dexter

Marci Monterastelli – In Memory of Eddy, Puss Puss and Cocoa – In Honor of Abby and Sophie

Lynn Dinardi – In Honor of Napolean

Marjorie Roach

James and Suellen Starks – In Memory of Akria and Mister

Julie Saunders – In Memory of Fender- In Honor of Baby

Judy Hobart – In Memory of Keisha – In Honor of Maui

Margaret Hogan – In Honor of Bella (Mary)

Pamela Mortland – In Memory of Chip

Randy and Loris Lane – In Honor of Tucker, McBride, and Sam

Stephen Staulcup – In Memory of Philo, Cassie, and Buddy Staulcup

Yvonne Hallock – In Memory of Pat Heenan

Bruce Johnson – In Memory of Duke – In Honor of Mrs. Dorothy Johnson

Bonnie Goldsmith – In Memory of Muffin – In Honor of Melissa

Kimberly Scott – In Memory of Kittyboy and Samme

Julia Meredith – In Memory of Honey Girl and Cheyenne

Sandra Highland – In Memory of Missy, Heidi, and Kisses

Melinda and Dan Hogan – In Memory of Sam – In Honor of Sparky

Melinda and Dan Durham – In Memory of Barb and Evan Six

Melinda and Dan Durham – In Memory of Lucky and Calli

Susan Fordyce – In Memory of Dotty, Lizzie, and Winny

Wayne Hine – In Memory of my mom and Turbo

Florence Richmond – In Memory of Tater, Nicki, and Stella

Nancy Sullivan – In Honor of my co-workers Kathy, Christina, Vicki, Deb, Nancy, Michelle, Tara, Josie, Sarah, and Chrissy

Dan and Patty Llyod – In Honor of my loving family

Dave and Julie Russow – In Memory of Duke

Steven Leonard – In Memory of Bill Webb

Elizabeth Metrick – In Honor or Turbo, Charger, and Houdini

Judy and Norberta Lavicka – In Honor of Lucy and Rikki

Larry and Cindy Wagoner – In Memory of Lulu – In Honor of Yoda

Kelly Harris – Macy, Doug, and Harold

Wayne and Melissa Henry – In Honor of Sonny (Neil) and Daisy (Nyla)

Chris and John Fuller – In Honor of Libby and Ginnie

Donald and Jan Wills – In Memory of Taffy, Pepper, Presley, Amos, Buddy, Magic, and Louie – In Honor of Whiskey and Lucy

Sharon Dial – In Memory of Tucker

Bill and Kathy Endres – In Memory of Figget and Nicki

Jim and Macia Zeller – I Memory of Duke, Bandit, Rascal, Mandy, and Brody

Ron and Kim Schultz – In Memory of Santo Schultz

Karl and Pam Kohrt

Inge and James Telford – In Memory of Marley and Sqeeke

James and Vicki Day

Lisa Brill – In Memory of Callie

Linda Haberkorn

Gail Thorson