Light A Bulb

Livingston County Humane Society helps hundreds of animals find a home each year. This year the need for our services continues to grow. This would not be possible without your donation. For every $10 donation, a light will be lit in Honor or Memory of a cherished pet or loved one.

You can fill out a fillable form here Light a Bulb form, and pay through our online PayPal.

Help us light our trees!

last updated 12/02/22

Thank you to all the wonderful donors:

Mike & Beth Peabody – In Memory of Tank and Huck

Skylar Dohman – In Honor of Magnum and Payson

Karen Donovan & Donita Duffee-In Memory of Lady and Lucy & In Honor of Sydney

Susan Butske-In Memory of Renter and Audrey

Don Schmid

Tess Popejoy – In Honor of Midge

Darren & Sasha Radford – In Memory of Remington, Biscuit, Pippin & Pickles

Chui and Selena Muro – In Memory of Zeus

Barbara Jennings – In Memory of Gracie and Torrie

Mary Selotti – In Memory of Gracie and Torrie

Jenny and Ron Aldred – In Memory of Buddy, Tippy, Shelly, and Faith

Todd and Judy Johnson – In Memory of Snickers – In Honor of Slick

Mike and Diane Pawlowski – In Memory of Kissa

Alan and Karen Applegate – In Memory of Boyd, Taffy, and Schultz – In Honor of Dodger

Alice McWilliams – In Memory of Lisa McWilliams – In Honor of All Veterans

Laura Jean Miller – In Memory of Sally

Betty and Allen Gantzert – In Memory of Pepper, Tomba, Picabo, and Layla – In Honor of Mr. Lolly, and Marlo

Jim and Janet Edinger – In Memory of Mikey Hoffman

Clinton Conway – In Honor Marilyn Hedley

Kathy Haab – In Memory of Titan Jr. – In Honor of Isis Ann

Shirley Meenen – In Memory of Dixie – In Honor of Stripes

Tom and Pam Schahrer – In Memory of Bailey

Thomas and Joyce Armour – In Memory of Joe Cocker, Emma, and Lady Bug – In Honor of Mya

Julie Marx – In Honor of LCHS Staff

Duane Frobish

Kerry and Cheryl Pattison – In Memory of Peewee, Cocoa, Patches, Top[anga, Foxy, and Molly – In Honor of Cali

David and Cheryl Kinny – In Honor Cooper

Michael Vansickle – In Honor of Benji

Kathryn Cole – In Memory of Sooty

Harold Frobish – In Honor of Dan Frobish and Milly

Lavonne Ping – In Honor of LuLu

Dick Dievendorf – In Memory of Sandy

Carolyn Satterfield – In Memory of Minnie – In Honor of Bo

Sherry Brendalen – In Honor of Gambit and Willow

Nicki and Bob Rosenbaum – In Memory of CC – In Honor of Cricket

Peter Benning – In Memory of Izzy – In Honor of Kitty

Tim Pickett – In Memory of Chula – In Honor of Sissy

Sherri Hatzer – In Memory of James Berta

Don Schmid – Dog

David and Marilou Hamilton – In Memory of Wheaton and Finley

Carol Loughran – In Memory of all the pets I’ve loved before

Clif Johnson – In Memory of Mosses – In Honor of Smooch and Capone – Cody dog

Carol Cantrall – In Memory of Harry Cantrall

Mark Beal – In Memory of Andy – In Honor of Rust and Winston

Don Klehm – In Memory of Reggie and Freida – In Honor of Aura and Fancy

Tom and Karen Clark – In Memory of David – In Honor of Casey

Melissa Barnhart – In Memory of Adam Estes

Gail Janssen – In Memory of Bo, Mo, and Jo

Adam Cooper – In Honor of Walter

Linda Kincaid – In Memory of Chance

Paul and Barbara Wiora – In Honor of Snickers AKA Chewy

Russ Mathison – In Memory of Mathison cats and Mathison dogs

Barry and Gail Songdahl – In Memory of Bon Bon

Charles Rinn – In Honor of Kenneth Dawson

Pub 13 – In Memory of Wrigley – In Honor of Junior

Kasey Strachan – In Memory of Yoshi – In Honor of Jethro and Waffle

Robert Wharton – In Memory of Princess

Amy Young – In Honor of Elaine Young

Lee and Judy Weber – In Honor of Georgie

Katrina Knafl – In Memory of Charlie, Patches, Trixie, Charlie Bear, and Austin

Doug and Sue Donnelly – In Memory of WeeWee and Lexi

Monique and Ed Speer – In Memory of Coquette, Bijoue, Daisy, Bridgett and Shaggy

Janet Hogan – In Memory of Hank Hogan

Mary Arbuckle – In Memory of Lucky

Paul and Sue Schruder – In Memory of Suna, Opus and Indri – In Honor of Eli

Audrey Wahl – In Honor of JJ (Jason)

Lawrence Hart – In Memory of Maxx

David and Susan Schmitt – In Memory of Gracie – In Honor of Bear

Kathleen Telford – In Memory of Twinkle, Shorty, Misty, Maggie and Tisha

Linda Wilson – In Honor of Louie aka Scruffy

Kay Larson – In Memory of Peanut

Michelle Smith – In Memory of all my past fur kids – In Honor of Remi, Emma and Oreo

Gina Sanchez – In Memory of Rocco – In Honor Milo formerly Mufasa

Mrs. Roy Carey – In Memory of Wolfie and Taffy

Ellen Quain – In Honor of Ruby (we are so happy she found a home)

Laurette and Michael – In Honor of the Amazing Maisy (alive and well) aka Grace

Scott & Darcy Woodlawn Woodlawn Rentals – In Memory of Creighton, Roman, Grace, Danielle, Britney, Meatball, Cupcake, Boomer, Bear, Archie, Cracker, Ginger, Gus, and Sidney

Sherri Snyder – In Memory of Brooke and Siissy LCHS alumni

Steve and Carole Shields – In Memory of Lissa, Karli, Abby, and Bella – In Honor of Daisy, Dixie, and Walter

William Miller – In Memory of Jersey – In Honor of Dori

Dave Knight – In Honor of Lilibet Spizsmo

Janice Landers – In Honor of Abbie

Sharon Loudon – In Memory of Bailey and Abby

Sharon Myers – In Memory of Glory and Sylvester – In Honor of Sonny

Kimberly Peterson – In Memory of Molly – In Honor of Mia and Andy

Leslie Fahnder – In Honor of Toby

John M. Martin Sr – In Memory of Dorothy and John E Martin

William Rich – In Memory of Smookie

Kim Leach – In Memory of Angel

Joan and Eric Johnson – In Memory of C-dog

Karen Gregory – In Memory of Snickers, Maddie, Hemie, and Cocoa

Lois Senter – In Memory of Tigger, Sammy, and Misty

Bob and Nancy Fox – In Honor of Buddy Fox, Wookie Fox, and Nacho Fox

John Crist – In Honor of Shorty

Tony Mautino – In Memory of Gidget

Joanne McCoin – In Memory of Samantha, Styx, Calli, Jordi, Jazzie, Scottie, Rambo, Rocky, Maggie, and Blazer

Rosa Wing – In Memory of Joe Black – In Honor of Taffy Wing

Robert Wing – In Memory of Jessie Wing and Mikus – In Honor of Lady Wing

John Trewartha – In Honor of Lilli

Ozzy Beam – In Honor of Beth the DIrector

Muffin and Oreo Beam – In Honor of Nicci and Lizzy

Scott and Sharon Arnold – In Memory of Savannah

Curtis and Debra Boyd – In Memory of Scott Boyd – In Honor of Dixie and Homey

Jim Claggett – In Memory of Floyd, Beulah, and Roxy

Mark and Lori Schahrer & Family – In Memory of CoCo and Bubba – In Honor of Lucy and Murphy

Matt and Amber Schulz – In Memory of Santo and Harper – In Honor of Bear

Marcia Hickes – In Honor of Butters

Gerry and Karen Miller – In Memory of Jackie

Rith Abbott – In Memory of Willow

Lee Whiteside – In Memory of Fiona

Betty Petropoul – In Memory of Ernest McCabe and Peter Petropoul

Rick and Cindy Killian – In Memory of Ryder & Lola

Nancy Dickerson – In Memory of Snoopy Dickerson – In Honor of Molly Dickerson

Yvonce Hallock – In Memory of Winchester

Keith Swartz – In Memory of Holley Marie Swartz

Jerry and Mae Meyer – In Memory of Lucky 1 – In Honor of Lucky 2

Rick and Linda Collins –

Diana Lowe – In Memory of KiKi Lowe – In Honor of Juke Lowe (Dorito)

James Righter – In Honor of Lydia

Debra Grob – In Memory of Gabe – In Honor of Pepper

Norma Studebaker – In Memory of Tobey and Dusty

Duane and Cindy Rientz – In Honor of Honey and Red

Aaron and Kristy Albertson – In Memory of Jax and Chomper

Roberta Shay – In Memory of Oliver

Linda Patarozzi – In Honor of Champ, Milo, and Scooter

Donald and Lind Matzen – In Memory of Angel, Princess, and Queenie

Florence Klingler – In Memory of Fred

Kevin Taylor – In Memory of Calvin Taylor – In Honor of Sox

Diane Taylor – In Memory of D. Humbert

Ann and Mick Travers – In Memory of Banshee, Colleen, and Collin – In Honor of Streak, Griffin, and Bowie

Lori Limberg – In Memory of Merry

Dorothy and John Schrum – In Honor of Kiki and Koko

Paul Cleary – In Memory of Max Myers – In Honor of Blackie

Brian and Niesha Payne – In Honor of Penny

Deana Picchi – In Memory of Mazie and Copper

Gary and Connie McDugle – In Honor Dexter

Marci Monterastelli – In Memory of Eddy, Puss Puss and Cocoa – In Honor of Abby and Sophie

Lynn Dinardi – In Honor of Napolean

Marjorie Roach

James and Suellen Starks – In Memory of Akria and Mister

Julie Saunders – In Memory of Fender- In Honor of Baby

Judy Hobart – In Memory of Keisha – In Honor of Maui